My husband Ted and I live in  beautiful North Wales.

We had Gemma our first golden retriever in 1989 and from then we have been absolutely hooked on the breed. She is the reason why we now have a lot more of them living with us as part of the family in the home. Their temperament is a absolutely delightful, however they are not averse to a bit of landscaping in the garden.
 We only live about one mile from the sea so they have a wonderful time running along the sands and in and out of the waves and usually soaking us most of the time. Our kennel name was created from the names of our three daughters whose names are Ceri, Sarah and Kathryn.  We took the letters CE from Ceri, SAR from Sarah and KA from Kathryn and that is how we arrived at the name “Cesarka”.Gemma our first golden retriever was born in April 1989 and was our first introduction to this most lovely of breeds. We had not even thought about showing dogs at that time so she was the most wonderful pet anyone could wish for. After two years we decided that it was time for another golden, so Lucy (Bryngold be a Treasure at Cesarka) came to join us. The two girls really got on well together. When Lucy was about 7 months we took her to a Fun Show where she became Best Puppy, and from there we became hooked on this hobby. Chloe (Linoaks Country Belle of Cesarka) joined the gang in 1993 and we had a lot of fun at Open Shows with these two girls. Gemma decided she would rather stay at home and be a couch potato. ..!

Our interest in breeding started in 1994 with our puppies going to some lovely homes. We have met some really nice people. Owing to business commitments showing the dogs had to take a back seat. However, we did take time out to visit Crufts. There we saw Ritzilyn Cockney Robin, and I remember saying that I would love one from that kennel if we had time to return to the show scene in the future. In 2001 Lynne and George Hennessy allowed us to have one of their puppies so Judd (Ritzilyn Judge Jools at Cesarka) came to live with us and we once again started back in the show ring. First and foremost we want to produce golden retrievers with excellent temperaments, ensure all dogs have relevant health checks and to breed puppies as close as possible to the breed standard. Prospective and present puppy owners are welcome to contact us for any reason at any time.

We are so lucky now with all the dogs that live with us.  Skye is 14 years old but still thinks she is 9  months, always wanting to be in the forefront of things.  Ellie is Skye’s daughter and a more gentle girl you could ever wish to meet.  Dotty is also a daughter of Skye, again a very gentle girl with a mischievious glint in her eye, adorable!  Georgie is the daughter of Ellie and the most soft girl that ever walked the earth unless it is walkies time then she just spins round in circles, cannot wait to get out and have a good time. Lexi is our Judd’s daughter, what a little sweetheart! She loves nothing more than sitting on the arm of Ted’s armchair doing her impression of a cat lol. Jack and Poppy are the son and daughter of Dotty,  two fun loving dogs but in the evening they just want to snuggle.  Oliver is Ellie’s son and is the most wonderful of pickpockets. Tomi is Dotty’s son and such a big huggable boy! He was put on this earth just to be loved.  Frankie & Isla are daughters of our Dotty and a more mischievious pair you could ever wish to meet. We now have Ava who is Isla’s daughter a sweetheart on four legs.  All our dogs are wonderful characters and are loved to bits.  Since writing this we have sadly lost our Skye on 4th December 2020.  She has left a massive hole here as her character was larger than life right to the end.  

We are now fortunate enough to have some lovely progeny in wonderful homes in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy.


Chris and Ted Williams