News 2012
Wrexham & District Kennel Association 24/11/2012
Cesarka Indeed to Goodness (Oliver) 3rd Junior Class & 3rd Postgraduate Class
Cesarka Funny Girl (Dotty) – 1st Open Class & BOB
Our thanks to the judge Mr Colin Woodward (Wadeson)
Rhyl Canine Society Open Show 11/11/2012
Oliver(CesarkaIndeedtoGoodness) – 1st Junior Class &1st Postgraduate Class
Poppy (Cesarka High Heels) – 3rd Junior Class & 3rd Postgraduate Class

Thank you to the judge Mrs S Riley (Wylloh)

Jack and Georgie (Planned Litter) 02/11/2012
They have  now been mated and pups are hoped for around the New Year.  Please seen Planned Litter Page for full details.  We shall update once Georgie has been scanned in about 4 weeks time.
Llandudno Canine Society 20/10/2012
Cesarka High Heels (Poppy)- 1st Junior Class & Reserve Best of Breed
Cesarka Indeed to Goodness (Oliver) – 1st Postgraduate Class
Cesarka Funny Girl (Dotty) – 2nd Open Class

Thanks to the judge Nicola Spencer (Bannonbrig)

Pwllheli & District CS Open Show 06/10/2012
Cesarka Indeed to Goodness (Oliver) -1st Golden Retriever Junior,1st Golden Retriever Graduate & BOB
Cesarka High Heels (Poppy) – 2nd Golden Retriever Junior & 2nd AVJunior
Thanks to judges Annette Rathbone (Golden Retrievers)
& Gail Hussey (Varieties)
Belfast Championship Show 30/09/2012

 Cesarka Ice Ice Baby (Belle) – 3rd Junior Bitch (qualified for Crufts 2013)
owned by  G Clarke & Mrs B Ingle (Raistin Golden Retrievers)

Darlington Championship Show 16/09/2012

Cesarka Indeed to Goodness (Oliver) – 1st Junior Class, 1st Maiden Dog and 1st Novice Dog, Crufts qualified 2013.
Well done my boy

Cesarka Harbour Master JW (Jack) – 2nd Yearling Dog

Our thanks to the judge Mrs Jo Naylor (Frankby)

City of Birmingham Championship Show
Cesarka Indeed to Goodness (Oliver) – 4th Junior Dog & 2nd Undergraduate Dog
Judge: Mr Filip Jonsson
Flint & Deeside Open Show 27/08/2012

Cesarka Indeed to Goodness (Oliver) – 1st Junior Class & 2nd Postgraduate.

Cesarka High Heels (Poppy) – 3rd Junior Class

IHA Ludwigshafen am 11.08.12
Cesarka It’s Magic (Hope) – V4 Youth Class
Judge Dr. Roberto Schill/Ro
Leeds Championship Show 28/07/2012
Cesarka Harbour Master(Jack) – 3rd Junior Class
Thanks to the judge Mr Jose Duval (Spain)
Diamond Jubilee Golden Retriever Championship Show 21/07/2012
Cesarka Indeed to Goodness (Oliver) – 4th Puppy Class
Oliver in the centre of photo below
My thanks thanks to Agata Libacjusz ofthe AdsumKennel,Poland,forthe lovely photo of Oliver.
Vale of Clwyd Canine Society, 30/07/2012
Cesarka Indeed to Goodness – 4th in Junior Class and 4th Postgraduate Class
Northwich & District Canine Society 17/06/2012

Cesarka Harbour Master – 1st Junior Class, 2nd Postgraduate Class, Best Puppy in Breed,
and Gundog Puppy Group 2.
My thanks to the judge Mrs B Cherry

Shropshire Gundog Club Open Show 27/05/2012

Cesarka Harbour Master (Jack) – 1st Puppy Dog, 1st Junior Dog, Best Puppy Dog and   Best Puppy in Breed, plus Puppy Gundog Group 3.

 Many thanks to the judge Mrs J Gerhold.

Golden Retriever Club of Scotland Championship Show 19/05/2012

We had a wonderful day at the show.

Cesarka Harbour Master (Jack)
1st Puppy Dog Class, 1st Junior Class, 1st Novice Dog, 1st Tyro Dog and 1st Undergraduate Dog.  Best Puppy Dog,
and Best Puppy in Show.
Jack won the final points for his Junior Warrant (subject to KC confirmation) at this show.
Many many thanks to the judge Mr M Godefroy (Fenwood)

Hibernian All Breed Ch Show 19/05/2012

Cesarka Ice Ice Baby for Raistin  – 2nd Puppy Bitch Class
Owned by Mr G. & Ms. B. Clarke & Ingle Raistin Golden Retrievers

Breed Judge: Mr. M. Hegarty

International Show in St Gallen 13/05/2012

Cesarka Its Magic – 1st Junior Class
owned by J.Brungger & S. Maier (Jewelhope Golden Retrievers)

Welsh Northern Counties & Colwyn Canine Club 12/05/2012

Judge:  Mr M. Hodgkinson (Achouffe)

Cesarka Harbour Master – 1st Golden Retriever Junior Class

Cesarka Funny Girl – 1st Golden Retriever Postgraduate Class 

 Cesarka Indeed to Goodness – 1st Any Variety Puppy Dog.

Judge.  Mr J Smith (Mowgli)

Anglesey Canine Society Open Show 05/05/12
 Judge Christine House (Gleadsbury) 
Cesarka Funny Girl (Dotty)  – 3rd Open Class
This was Oliver’s first show.
There wasn’t a class for puppies in Golden Retrievers so he was shown in
Any Variety Puppy Class and he won the 
1st Place
 in a strong class of different breed puppies

Judge Mr Gray (Sygar)
North West GRC Championship Show 22/04/2012

Jack (Cesarka Harbour Master) – 3rd Puppy Dog, 2nd Maiden Dog & 3rd Novice Dog.

Thank you to Jo Naylor (Frankby) for the lovely photo of Jack below.

Poppy (Cesarka High Heels).  This was her very first show and we were over the moon when she had a 2nd placing in a lovely Puppy Bitch Class.  Our thanks to Jo Gerhold for handling her so expertly for us.  You did a wonderful job Jo.

Poppy has now qualified for Crufts 2013. 

Finally, Dotty (Cesarka Funny Girl) mother of the two puppies above achieved a 4th placing in a beautiful Postgraduate Bitch Class

Thank you to the dog judge Mr T Hird (Wyebank) and also to the bitch judge Mrs P Holmes

Northern Golden Retriever Association Championship Show 07/04/12

 Jack (Cesarka Harbour Master) – 4th Minor PuppyDog
Judge Mrs J Newton (Coombstock)

Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Championship Show 01/04/2012
 Cesarka Harbour Master  1st Minor Puppy Dog, 1st Maiden Dog and 1st Novice Dog.  Best Puppy Dog and RBPIS
 Cesarka Funny Girl
 3rd Postgraduate Bitch and so qualifying for Crufts 2013.

 Many thanks to the judge Mrs Pat Rowark(Brekswood) for such a memorable day



 Thanks to Paula Hill for the lovely photos of our dogs.

Llandudno Canine Society Open Show 25/03/2012

Cesarka Harbour Master (Jack) – 1st Junior Class, Best Puppy and shortlisted to final 5 for Best Puppy in Show.


 Cesarka Funny Girl (Dotty) – 2nd Postgraduate Class

Thank you to the judge Mrs M. Collier (Roszarke)

Bootle, Crosby & South Liverpool Canine Society 24/03/2012

Jack (Cesarka Harbour Master – 1st Puppy Class, 2nd Junior Class and Best Puppy

Dotty (Cesarka Funny Girl )- 3rd Limit Class

Thanks to the Judge : Madeline Rainey (Trilite)

South Western Golden Retriever Club, 18/03/2012

Our Jack, Cesarka Harbour Master had a lovely day at the above show.

2nd – Minor Puppy Dog, and VHC Maiden Dog.


Internationale Hunde Ausstellung München 03/03/2012

judge: Erwin Deutscher.

Sira (Cesarka Ice Diamond) –  Very Promising, second place

Owned and loved by Ellen, Ronald and Lena (who is handling Sira) of My Golden Passion Golden Retrievers, Germany   

IHA Graz, A 25/03/2012

Hope- Cesarka It’s Magic – Very Young class – VP
owned by Janine Brunnger and Sabine Maier

Hope sitting on the right hand side with her friend Even.

Ashton-in-Makerfield Canine Society 03/03/2012

Cesarka Harbour Master (Jack) – 1st Puppy Class & BP

Cesarka Funny Girl (Dotty) – 1st Postgraduate Class & BOB

Our thanks to the judge Mrs Elaine Turnbull (Elagram)

Below Jack with his Mum Dotty

Earlestown and Newton-le-Willows Canine Society

 Cesarka Harbour Master (Jack) – 1st Puppy Class, Best Puppy                                                       and shortlisted to final 7 for BPIS

Chargoldlie Little Seren over Cesarka – 3rd Postgraduate Class

Thank you to the Judge Mr Ross

St. Helens & District C.S. Open Show.
Cesarka Harbour Master – 1st Puppy Class & Best Puppy
 Chargoldlie Little Seren over Cesarka – 1st Graduate Class
Leigh Canine Society 04/02/2012
                                                Cesarka Harbour Master – 1st Puppy Class & Best Puppy
Chargoldlie Little Seren over Cesarka -3rd Postgraduate Class
Judge Mrs J Dobson
Manchester Championship Show (22/01/2012

Cesarka Harbour Master,  Reserve – Minor Puppy Dog

 Judge Mrs Patsy Hollings (Gunalt)

Clitheroe & District Canine Society 14/01/2012

Cesarka Harbour Master (Jack) – 2nd Puppy Class

Chargoldlie Little Seren over Cesarka (Lexi) – 1st Postgraduate Class
Cesarka Georgie Girl (Georgie) – 4th Limit Class 

Many thanks to the Judge Mr Moss (Ewtor)