Jack’s Show Results

Show Date Judge Placing
United Retriever Club Championship Show 08/08/2018 Linsey Dunbar (Linirgor) Reserve Veteran Dog
Merioneth Agricultural Society Open Show 22/08/2018 Mrs. J. Howarth (Arkview/Moorbrooks) 1st Open Class, Best of Breed & Shortlisted in Group
North West Golden Retriever Club Championship Show 15/04/2019 Erica Ward (Fernavy) VHC Veteran Dog
Anglesey Canine Society Open Premier Show 04/05/2019 Mrs J Blackburn-Bennett (Kanix/Stargang) 3rd Any Variety Gundog Veteran



 Caernarfon & District Canine Society
 Mr David Moss (Ewtor/Davigdor)
 2nd Open Class
 Llandudno Canine Society
 Mr Ifor Owen
 2nd Open Class
 North West Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
 Mr B Catterall (Golmas)
 VHC Mid Limit Dog
 Gundog Club of North Wales
Mrs J Gerhold
 2nd Open Class
 Ashton under Lyne Kennel Association
 Yvonne Billows
 2nd Open Dog
 Merioneth Agricultural Society
  Mrs. j Kniveton (Orstone)Merione
 1st Open Class & Reserve Best of Breed
 Leeds Championship Show
 Mrs Janet Bradwell (Beamsley)
  3rd Postgraduate Dog
 Oswestry & District Canine Society Open Show
 Mr Colin Haigh (Neustro)
 1st Open Class & Best of Breed.
 Birmingham National Championship Show
 Mr F Knippenborg
 2nd Graduate Class
 Anglesey Open Canine Show
 Miss Alex Friar (Sashal)
 1st Golden Retriever Open Class & Best of Breed
 Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
 (Bencoe) Mr P Drury
 2nd Graduate Dog
 Rhyl Canine Society Open Show
 Mrs L Bufton
 1st Postgraduate Class
 The National Dog Show (Birmingham)
 Dan Ericcson
  2nd Yearling Dog
 North West Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
 Mr G Scott (Gunmarsh)
 3rd Yearling Dog
 Gundog Club of North Wales Open Show
  2nd Postgraduate Class
  Mrs P Gayler (Carolake)
  2nd Postgraduate Class
 Llandudno Canine Society Open Show
 Mr D Coode
 2nd Yearling Class
  Ashton-in-Makerfield Canine Society
  2nd March 2013
  Jane Graham Nyliram)
  3rd Limit Class
 Darlington Championship Show
 Mrs Jo Naylor (Frankby)
 2nd Yearling Dog
 Leeds Championship Show
Mr Jose Duval (Spain)
 3rd Junior Dog
Northwich & district Open Show
 Mrs B Cherry.
 1st Junior Class, 2nd Postgraduate Class, Best Puppy in Breed & Group 2 Gundog Puppy.
  Shropshire Gundog Club Open Show
  Mrs J Gerhold
  1st Puppy Dog, 1st Junior Dog, Best Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Breed and Gundog Puppy Group 3
 Welsh Northern counties & Colwyn Canine Association
 Mrs M Hodgkinson (Achouffe)
 1st Golden Retriever Junior Class
 Golden Retriever Club of Scotland
 Mr M Godefroy (Fenwood)
 1st Puppy Dog, 1st Junior Dog, 1st Novice Dog, 1st tyro Dog & 1st Undergraduate Dog,.  Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show.
 North West Golden Retriever Club
 Mr T Hird (Wyebank)
 3rd Puppy Dog, 2nd Maiden Dog, 3rd Novice Dog
 Northern Golden Retriever Club championship Show
 Mrs J Newton (Coombstock)
 4th Minor Puppy Dog.
 Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
 Mrs Pat Rowark (Brekswood)
 1st Minor Puppy Dog, 1st Maiden Dog, 1st Novice Dog, Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Puppy in Show.
 South Western Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
 Mrs B Stokes (Jobeka)
 2nd Minor Puppy Dog, VHC Maiden Dog, Crufts qualified.
 Llandudno Canine Society
 Mrs M Collier (Roszarke)
 1st Junior Class, Best Puppy & shortlisted to final 5 for BPIS
 Bootle Crosby & South Liverpool C.S
  Madeline Rainey (Trilite)
  1st Puppy Class & Best Puppy.
  Ashton-in-Makerfield C.S
  Mrs Elaine Turnbull (Elagram)
  1st Puppy Class & Best Puppy
  Earlestown & Newton-le-Willows C.S
  Mrs Ross
  1st Puppy Class, Best Puppy & shortlisted to final 7 for Best Puppy in Show
 St Helens & District C.S
 Mr Keith Hill (Soberhill)
 1st Puppy Class & Best Puppy
 Leigh C.S
 Mrs J Dobson
 1st Puppy Class & Best Puppy
 Manchester Championship Show
 Mrs Patsy Hollings (Gunalt)
 Reserve Minor Puppy Dog & shortlisted to final 8 in Gundog Puppy Stakes
 Clitheroe & District C.S
 Mr Moss (Ewtor)
 2nd Puppy Class