Alfie’s Show Results

Date Name of Show Placing Judge
24/07/2022 Leeds Championship Show 1st Junior Dog Beryl Stokes (Jobeka)
17/07/2022 Oswestry & District Canine Society 3rd Junior Class Karen Williams (Busheyhall)
09/07/2022 Newport& District Agricultural Society 2nd Junior Class & 1st Postgraduate Alison Thomson (Soneve)
03/07/2022 Vale of Clwyd Open Show 3rd Junior Class & 3rd Postgraduate Class Mrs P. Luxmoore-Ball (Hushwing)
25/06/2022 Blackpool Championship Dog Show 1st Puppy Dog, 1st Junior Dog, Best Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Breed & Best Junior Mrs Cathy McShane (Rigerin)
22nd June Royal Cheshire Show 3rd Puppy Class & 1st Junior Class Karl Gawthorpe (Waterbrook)
19/06/2022 Northwich Open Show 2nd Puppy Class &2nd Junior Class Stephanie Perkins (Keeninspires)
18/06/2022 Ruthin Canine Soc 2nd Puppy Class & 2nd Junior. Mr Ian Jones (Ladrow)
12/06/2022 Three Counties Championship Show 2nd Puppy, 4th Undergraduate Dog Mrs J Williams (Trebetyn)
01/06/2022 Staffordshire & Birmingham County Show 3rd Junior Dog Ms A Aulton
29.05.2022 Shropshire Gundog Club 2nd Puppy Class & 1st Junior Class Mr David Rix (Gowergold)
28.05.2022 Bath Championship Show 3rd Puppy Dog & Reserve Novice Mrs Hilary Male (Malenbrook)
20.05.2022 Scottish Kennel Club 2nd Puppy Dog, 2nd Novice Class Mr A M Scott (Largymore)
13th May, 2022 Colne & Nelson 3rd Puppy Class
7.05.2022 Birmingham National Championship Dog Show 3rd Puppy Dog, 2nd Maiden Dog & 2nd Novice Dog Mrs Viv Jones (Ninell)
10/04/2022 North West Golden Retriever Club Championship Show 1st Puppy Dog
1st Maiden Dog
1st Novice Dog
Best Puppy Dog
Melissa Loverock (Lovissa)
Mandy McDonald (Lamancha)
03/04/2022 Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Open Show 1st Puppy Dog
1st  Novice Dog Dog
Mr Paul Anderson (Ashiqua)
03/04/2022 Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Championship Show 3rd Puppy Dog
2nd Maiden Class
1st Novice Class
Mrs Val Tregaskis (Steval)
02/04/2022 Northern Golden Retriever Club 2nd Puppy Class
2nd Novice Class
2nd Tyro
Mrs Hazel Gripton (Nojaze)
02/04/2022 Joint Northern Golden Retriever Club VHC Puppy Class
VHC Novice Class
Reserve Tyro
Mrs Mandy McDonald (Lamancha)
27/03/2022 Gundog Club of North Wales 1st Puppy Class Mr Tom Gorrian (Querdon/Donsudale)
20/03/2022 Oswestry & District Kennel Association 1st Puppy Class, Best Puppy & Reserve Best of Breed Mr Mike Harris (Warrister)
13/03/2022 Crufts 1st Minor Puppy Dog & 3rd Puppy Dog (Crufts qualified 2023) Mrs Liz Keene (Shinehill)
06/02/22022 Merseyside Gundog Club 3rd Puppy Class & VHC Minor Puppy Stakes Mr B McCartney (Breed) & Mrs B Hutchison (Stakes)
21/01/2022 Manchester Championship Show 2nd Minor Puppy Dog.  CRUFTS QUALIFIED 2022 Mrs Carol Benson (Goldenquest)
09/01/2022 Heywood & Radcliffe Open Show 1st Puppy Class, Best Puppy, RBOB & Puppy Gundog Group 3 Mrs Louise Smith (Goldmarker) & Group Judge Mr D Hutchison