Frankie’s Show Results

Show Date Judge Placing
United Retriever Club Championship Show 08/08/2018 Freda Morriss Garget 1st Graduate Class
Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show 19/08/2018 John Thirlwell 2nd Graduate Class
Merioneth Agricultural Open Dog Show 22/08/2018 Mrs Jane Howarth (Arkview/Moorbrooks) 1st Postgraduate Class, & Reserve Best of Breed.
Flint & Deeside CS Open Show 27/08/2018 JohnMillward
1st Postgraduate & Best of Breed
City of Birmingham Championship Show 02/09/2018 Ruth Turner (Amilone) VHC Graduate Bitch
Stafford & District Canine Society Open Show 29/09/2018 Mrs Dawn Youngson (Treeville) 2nd Postgraduate Class
Welsh Northern Counties Open Show 13/102018 Chris Hastings (Bardings) 1st Postgraduate Class
Llandudno Canine Society Open Show 20/10/2018 Anthony Allen (Allenie) 1st Postgraduate Class
Northwich & District Canine Society Open Show 21/10/2018 Ros Teirling 2nd Postgraduate Class
Midland Counties Championship Show 26/10/2018 Derek Lade 3rd Graduate Class
Gundog Club of North Wales 31/03/2019 Fiona Walker (Cardona) 2nd Graduate Class
North West Golden Retriever Club Championship Show 15/04/2019 Bruno Facq 3rd Graduate Bitch
Birmingham National Championship Show 12/05/2019 Mr Jan- Erik Ek VHC Graduate Bitch
Staffordshire County Show 29/05/2019 Pam Wooden (Salako) 1st Graduate Bitch
Three Counties Championship Show 09/06/2019 Mrs Jean Griggs (Mulfield) 3rd Graduate Bitch
Blackpool Championship Show 23/06/2019 Henric Frykstrand 2nd Graduate Bitch
Vale of Clwyd Open Show 30/06/2019 Carol Moore (Gadhelic) 4th Postgraduate
Newport Open Show 13/07/2019 John Graham (Nyliram) 3rd Postgraduate
Flint & Deeside Open Show 26/07/2019 Debbie Robbins (Brekswood) 2nd Postgraduate &Reserve Best of Breed
Welsh Northern Counties Open Show 24/11/2019 Andy Scourfield (Danton) 2nd Postgraduate Class