Pros and Cons of owning a golden retriever

Before you decide to become the owner of a golden retriever, please have a think about the good points and the maybe not so good about this breed so that you and your family are happy with your decision to bring one into your lives. Many people are away at work for many hours; now do you have a friend or neighbour who can let the dog out as you cannot expect him/her to wait 8 hours or more before being able to relieve themselves. You could not wait that long, so cannot expect a dog to do so! These dogs need a lot of time and attention, do you have the time for that? They soon grow to nearly adult size in a few very short months and lose the cute puppy look. Is this dog meant to be “family” or just an ornament that soon gets in your way! Can you afford the Vets’ Bills that may be needed? Do you have arrangements in place for holidays etc? Are you likely to move to accommodation in the future that would not accept dogs?

Golden retrievers have the potential to be a real joy, but much depends on their upbringing. They need to be trained from Day 1, as so much depends on whether owners put the effort in that is needed to produce a well behaved dog. Here are a few “Pros” and “Cons” before becoming a golden retriever owner


1. They moult so much so you could spin a jumper from the hair and this can happen twice yearly. Hair will be all over your carpets, in piles on wooden floors and all over your clothes. You need a very good vaccum to keep it all at bay! Also an excellent clothes brush or lint remover would be a very good idea! The birds do love their hair to make their nest so that is one bonus.

2. Most people like their cars but dog hair will get into all the nooks and crannies and be a positive pain to remove. In fact you’ll never get it all out. Also the car might get a bit smelly as goldens do love the mud and water and want to share it with you and what you own.

3. Unfortunately goldens can be subject to certain health problems such as hip displaysia This can be seen in some cases with difficulty in rising after lying down and trouble with going up and down stairs. Also there can be ear problems which might need regular treatment. They are also subject to all the old age doggie symptoms of aches, pains, arthritis and fatty lumps under the skin that might turn cancerous.

4. They can be right little thieves! With some nothing is safe unless nailed down. Shoes, underclothes, glasses, remote controls, socks, in fact anything they can wrap their mouths around can just be carried around but a lot can destroy them as well. So beware try to keep everything you value out of reach.

5. Don’t expect a golden retriever to be a watchdog! They will let everyone in and point them towards the “best silver” They can bark when they hear unusual noises be it day or night. If it is a watchdog you are looking for, don’t get a golden retriever! They greet everyone like their long lost best friend as this is the way they are made.

6. If you are proud of your garden, please be aware that they are notorious diggers and can make your lawn look like a bombsite in a very short time.

7. They love eating and with those eyes can make you part with more food than they need with their constant begging. Goldens can have a tendency to obesity so their beseeching looks have to be ignored.

8. Like other dogs they seem to like rolling around in the most disgusting things, such as fox muck, cow pats and dead fish to name just a few. They then love to share these “wonderful” smells with you!

9. They also love water, so if there is a stream nearby, they’ll be straight in which can then involve you in hours of drying which to them can be good fun.

10. Getting attached to a golden retriever is the easiest thing to do, so it can be so very hard to come to terms with the death of one.


1. These dogs are fantastic with children and most take all the tail pulling, screaming, noise and poking that is dished out. A golden can knock a toddler over with their tail wagging so caution is always needed. Training is very important but they are also so sweet with them.

2. These dogs are very easy to train, many are guide dogs, assistance dogs and search dogs etc. They love to retrieve so can be very easily trained to fetch things. Their mouths are so soft as they are designed to carry birds so this is very easy for them to do.

3. If you happen to be single, goldens can bring people together. Go to your local park, and you can soon get into conversation with another dog lover, and a date might soon be on the cards!

4. They can be the best friends ever! They never answer back, whinge at you or grumble about anything. They always greet you with a wagging tail and big grin on their face. If you spend lots of time with your dog they can pick up on all your moods and habits. They don’t do well when humans argue and shout, and will probably go and hide themselves away. They can pick up on what you are going to do next, especially when it means going “out”. Their eyes will be fixed on you and usually know what picking up car keys and putting on your coat can mean for them, with the excitement levels going through the roof.

5. You will receive many many compliments about your beautiful dog, people can’t help stopping to talk to them and you.

6. You’ll never stop laughing at the funny things they do, they bring a smile to your face daily.

7. Every time you stroke your dog your stress levels and heart rate will be lowered.

8. Do you have a toddler or one messy eater? Golden retrievers just love vaccuming the floor for you.

9. Does the thought of going out for exercise make you sigh? Don’t worry a golden retriever will keep you the best of company and you’ll have an enjoyable time out with your dog.

10. Do you just need a friend? Well a golden will love you unconditionally and forever.