Tomi’s Show Results 

Name of Show Date Judge Placing
The Golden Retriever Club Championship Show 22/07/2018 Kim Ellis (Tenfield) Commended
City of Birmingham Championship Show 02/09/2018 Cheryl Bawden (Darthill) Reserve
Welsh Northern Counties Open Show 13/10/2018 Chris Hastings (Bardings) 1st Open Class, BOB & Gundog Group 2
Gundog Club of North Wales 31/03/2019 Fiona Walker (Cardrona) 3rd Open Class
Anglesey Canine Society Open Premier Show 04/05/2019 Mrs J Blackburn-Bennett (Kanix/Stargang) 1st Open Class, Best of Breed and Gundog Group 4
Blackpool Championship show 23/06/2019 Henric Frykstrand 3rd Limit Dog
Vale of Clwyd Open Show 30/06/2019 Carol Moore (Gadhelic) 1st Open Class
Newport Open Show 13/07/2019 John Graham (Nyliram) 3rd Open Class

 Name of Show
 Border Union Championship Show
 Mrs Mr Bourn
 2nd Limit Dog
 Staffordshire County Show
 Becky Johnson
 1st Open Dog
 National Dog Show
 12/05/ 2018
 Di Stewart Ritchie
 Merseyside Gundog Club
 Carol Oldring (Flaxengold)
 3rd Open Class
 The Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
 Mrs Lynn Kipps (Wheatcroft)
 Oswestry & District Open Show
 Mrs M Hammond (Merimoor) Breed Judge & Mrs Grace Brown (Rangatira) Group Judge
 1st Open Class & Reserve Best of Breed
 Three Counties Championship Show
 Colin Mackay
 4th Limit Dog
  Vale of Clwyd Open Show
  John Newsham (Brazenhill)
2nd Open Class
 Blackpool Championship Show
  Jenny Johnson (Bermuda)
  2nd Limit Class
 Scottish Kennel Club
 Glenys Hewitson (Seruilla)
 1st Limit Dog
 Golden Retriever Club of Scotland
 Wilma McFarlane (Bluebraes)
  VHC Limit Dog
  Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
  Sue Loach (Putjade)
  VHC Mid Limit Class
 South Western Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
 Jean Griggs (Mulfied)
 1st Limit Dog
 Gundog Breeds of Scotland Championship Show
  Mr Richard Stafford
  1st Mid Limit
 English Counties Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
 Mrs Cheryl Bawden (Darthill)
 1st Postgraduate
 Darlington Championship Show
 Mrs F Clarkson (Drumkilty)
 1st Postgraduate
 Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show
 Dr R James
 1st Postgraduate
 Blackpool Championship Show
  Mr Rony Doedijns
  1st Postgraduate
 Border Union Championship Show
 Mrs Pauline Wilson (Pearlbarn)
 4th Postgraduate
 Three Counties Championship Show
 Carolyn Fry (Bedelsea)
 3rd Postgraduate
Llandudno Canine Society
Mrs Linda Thompson
1st Postgraduate Class, BOB & Gundog Group 4
  Anglesey Canine Society
  Mr James Newton (Patamoke)
  1st Postgraduate, BOB & Gundog Group 4
 Birmingham National Championship Dog Show
  Mr Hans Van Den Berg
 1st Postgraduate & Reserve Challenge Certificate
 Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria Championship Show
  Mrs Freda Garget
  1st Postgraduate Class
 Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
 Mr A Scott (Largymore)
 VHC Postgraduate Class
 Darlington Championship Show
 Mrs Hazel Gripton
 VHC Yearling Dog
 City of Birmingham Championship Show
 Mrs Viv Jones (Ninell)
 3rd Yearling Dog
 Merioneth Agricultural Society Show
 Mrs A Whitby (Crisansa)
 1st Graduate and Reserve Best of Breed
Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show 2015
 Dan Ericcson
 1st Yearling
 Welsh Northern Counties
 Paul Richardson (Weisel)
 1st PGD/PGB- 1st OD/OB, Best of Breed
 Birmingham National  Championship Show
 Mrs Catherine Zingg
 2nd Junior, VHC Yearling, 1st Undergraduate
 North West Canine Association
 Mrs J Carruthers (Stanegate)
1st Junior, 1st Postgraduate, 1st Open and BOB 
 Anglesey Canine Society Open Show
 Mr Nowel Melling (Penpriory)
 1st Junior, 1st Postgraduate, 1st Open, BOB & Gundog Group 3
 WELKS Championship Show
 Mrs Dianne Rourke-Knights
 1s Class Junior & 3rd Yearling
 NWGRC Championship Show
 Mr B Catterall (Golmas)
 4th Junior, 3rd Yearling & 3rd Postgraduate Class
 Ruthin Canine Society Open Show
  Trudy Short (Parkmist)
 1st Junior, 1st Yearling and 1st Postgraduate Class
 Gundog Club of North Wales
 Mrs J Gerhold
 4th Junior & 4th Graduate Class
 Bootle, Crosby & South Liverpool Canine Society
 Sandy Platt (Charbonnel) Breed Judge,  Group Judge Tom Mather (Barklots)
 1st, Junior Class, 1st Limit, Best of Breed and Gundog Group 3
 S.W G R.C Championship Show
 Mr D Lade (Hunterdean)
 VHC Yearling Class
 Mrs S Birkin-Green (Sansue)
 2nd Junior Dog & Crufts qualified 2016
 Caernarfon & District Canine Society Open Show
   Mrs R Barney (Verrami)
 1st Graduate Class, 1st Open Class & Best of Breed
 Ashton under Lyne Kennel Association
 Yvonne Billows
 1st Junior Class & 1st Postgraduate Class
  Stoke on Trent Gundog Club
Mrs  L BENNET (Nativegold)


2nd Junior Class, VHC Graduate & 1st Postgraduate Class
 Burnley & District Open Show
 Mrs Cathy Gill (Jocagil)
 2nd Puppy Class & 3rd Junior Class
 Merioneth Agricultural Society
    Mrs. j Kniveton (Orstone)
 1st Puppy Class & Best Puppy in Breed
 Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show
 Mr Keith Young
 3rd Minor Puppy Dog, 2nd Puppy Dog, 3rd Maiden Dog, 1st Novice Dog & 4th Debutant Dog.  Crufts qualified 2015
 United Retriever Club Championship Show
 Mrs Kim Ellis (Tenfield)
 4th Puppy Dog, 4th Maiden & 4th Novice Dog
 National Gundog Championship Show
 Dawn Rose (Gaytonwood)
 4th Minor Puppy Dog
 Leeds Championship Show
 Mrs J Bradwell (Beamsley)
 VHC Minor Puppy Dog
 Oswestry & District Canine Society Open Show
 Mr Colin Haigh (Neustro)
 1st Puppy Class & Best Puppy
 Newport & District Agricultural Society Show
 Mr Graham Hall (Stirchley)
 1st Minor Puppy Class, Best Puppy & Gundog Puppy Group 3
 Vale of Clwyd Canine Society
 Margaret Gittins (Roftmar)
 1st Puppy Class & Best Puppy
 Ruthin Canine Society Open Show
 Mr C Atkinson (Serganti)
 2nd Puppy Class
  Shropshire Gundog Society
 Merriol Haselden (Overdene) & Mr Stephen Bardwell (Stewell)
1st Minor Puppy & Best Puppy in Breed, & 1st Puppy Stakes
  Welsh Northern Counties Open Show
  Mr Rodney Price (Harecroft)
1st AV Gundog Puppy & 1st AV Minor Puppy Dog